Scheduling Reimagined


ScheduleOptix helps manage work, vacation and call schedules for staff, plus time tracking. By offering an automated, web-based scheduling software, ScheduleOptix transforms staff scheduling into an effortless, quick, and efficient business task.  Equipped with dynamic reporting as well as complete integration with existing systems already in place such as the electronic medical record system.

Increase Efficiency

Focus on operations and workflow to automate the processes already in place in a fraction of the time

Complete Integration

Platform synergy so data seamlessly moves between payroll, schedules and reports.

Patient Care Focus

Allow providers to spend more time on patient care and less time on staffing logistics.

Instant Reporting

Never wonder if providers are working too much or too little. The dynamic reporting allows real time reports.



At Peoplogix, we strive to understand your business problems and pain points. Our expertise is not feature set, but how we deploy our tools to help solve your problems. Over time as business processes and needs change, so do the rules and algorithm in ScheduleOptix driving down the total cost of ownership over time. Employee scheduling for healthcare has never been so easy. Manage schedules in less than a quarter of the amount of time it takes with a manual process.


ScheduleOptix is a sophisticated system that meets existing requirements for scheduling and evolves with clients overtime at an unimagineable precision. The total cost of owndership goes down over time.




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Being productive at work is rewarding, and feeling supported, challenged, and appreciated allows us to be our most efficient selves.

Julia Hartz

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