All of Peoplogix’s tools are designed to empower users to collect data on staff and business operations. BeyondAnalytix is the tool that brings the data to life. Using Peoplogix or non-Peoplogix data, users can create dashboards with real-time monitoring of key performance indicators of essential business processes.

Limitless Dashboards

Pull data from the entire Peoplogix platform as well as external data sources.

Decision Support

Real-time communication throughout the day.

Benchmarking Tools

Ease of integration to benchmark your organization’s raw data with external benchmarks.

Target vs Actual

From productivity, revenue, patient volume, on time case starts – easily compare your target goal vs actual.

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Complicated Data Sets Simplified

Our team of developers have revolutionized the way in which clients use data, enabling users not just to visualize the data but also clearly see solutions.

Big Data For Healthcare Staffing

BeyondAnalytix has been designed as a healthcare specific data visualization tool.  By leveraging the powerful data collected by of all of Peoplogix’s tools, executives and analysts can seamlessly monitor key metrics within the organization using BeyondAnalytix to visualize it. While other tools that help visualize data exist, they are often not robust.

Triggering Events

Most data analysts focus on whatever the most urgent, emergent problem from the executive team is. With BeyondAnalytix, it’s possible to set triggering events that allow you to see problems even before you look at the dashboard.  Beyond the most pressing problems, you’ll have a continuous stream of data that alerts appropriate stakeholders when specific events occur, giving you visibility without the need for constant observation.



Get equipped to take your company to the next level!

“The brain is wider than the sky,

For, put them side by side,

The one the other will include

With ease, and you beside.”

Emily Dickinson

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